Reality Based Self-Defense & Personal Security Training

My name is Joe Bertoni and welcome to my reality based self-defense training. I train professionals and citizens how to protect themselves and others. Having been in law enforcement for over twenty years, I have seen too many people become victims of violence. I do believe that 99% of personal security is mental, most violence is avoidable, and all of us should always attempt to avoid physical violence. However, this is reality and when violence is unavoidable we need to know how to protect the people we love and ourselves. 

Unlike many instructors who teach self-defense and and personal secuirty, I have actually used the principals and techniques I teach. I have applied them in my professional and personal life and have learned what works and what does not work.  You can be sure that the information I share with you is not just based on general knowledge from training,  but based on personal experience and real world application.  


Ask yourself: If someone was to threaten your family’s safety or your safety, do you have the knowledge and skills to protect yourself and others. 


Read what others have to say about their training.

Having worked with Joe Bertoni for many years, I highly recommend Joe for all of your security and specialized tactical training needs.  Joe and his company are expert defensive tactics trainers and VIP protection specialists.  He has effectively trained many of my law enforcement, military and civilian martial arts students.  Joe has a unique ability to break down training concepts into easy-to-understand and remember training exercises, helping to shorten the training cycle and improve student retention.  His Training, Response, Inoculation (TRI) system, gives students real life experience on how to deal with excessive force and violence in a safe way that helps the student protect themself and others as needed. With all the “tactical trainers” out there, it’s great to have a true professional like Joe Bertoni to help train my students.  Joe has the experience and insights to train students to the highest levels of excellence. I highly recommend Joe for all of your security and specialized tactical training needs.

Ken Lux, Roseville, CA
I hired Joe Bertoni to train our security staff assigned to our casino and nightclub.  I wanted my staff to receive training in contacting and if needed escorting subjects causing a disturbance at our resort.  Joe did an excellent job in designing a program to fit our needs and my requirements.  It was very apparent Joe has a working knowledge of the resort and casino industry and he is an excellent instructor. The training my staff received has proven to be a great benefit and has raised their level of professionalism.  My staff enjoyed the training and they continue to inquire on when we will have him back for future training. My plan is to have Joe back once a year to train my new security staff and provide updated training to my existing staff. I highly recommend Joe Bertoni and his training services. 
Chuck Hall – Security Manager, Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Punta Cana

We had Joe teach three separate classes and every single employee of ours were blown away with the knowledge and skills he demonstrated.  They all feel more aware of their surroundings and also feel more confident they can defend themselves in most situations if need be.  Since the outcome was so successful, I believe this will be something we do for our employees at least once a year!  Thank you Joe!!-

Derrick E., Star One Credit Union

I had searched for a self defense class, only finding martial arts, which wasn’t exactly what a wanted. I am traveling this fall and wanted practical tips and information that would help me in a real life situation. Joe is a very good teacher — he explains things in an accessible way and gives you multiple ways to practice them (you as a demo, you with a partner — giving and receiving). He is *extremely* knowledgeable in both technique and street savvy, as well as passionate about sharing what he knows. I highly recommend any of the self defense classes with Joe for straightforward, practical, empowering, and immediately useful information. P.S. The class was also a TON of fun and a GREAT workout!-

Michelle M.,

I took Joe Bertoni’s Personal Self Defense class today at TRI Defense and it was by far the most effective and intensive course in self defense I have encountered anywhere.   I was looking for a self-defense class that was not martial arts and I finally found it in Joe’s class.  He presented real life scenarios, with a variety of skills and techniques to overcome and attacker.   Truly a first rate experience with a great work out included along with a ton of fun!  I will be taking many more of his classes in the future.-

Kim B., Folsom, Ca

I have always wanted to participate in martial arts for the purpose of self-defense, but have never had the time. I decided to enroll my wife and me in Joe’s 4-hour course. I have to say while I was skeptical of what I could gain in just one day; the lessons and basic skills were extremely valuable. The course is geared towards both men and women which I appreciated since I didn’t want to be a punching bag for a bunch of ladies. He teaches you to take an offensive approach when being attacked and to become an aggressor. His ethos is basic and not overwhelming. The skills sessions are very hands on and simple enough that one could practice them at home. After completing this course, we have gained enough insight to hopefully avoid and survive an attack.-
John B.,
The training my agents received will give them the knowledge to make safe apprehension for our clients and hopefully reduce suspect and employee injuries while making arrests. We received great feedback from the employees that attended your training and look forward to having you conduct quarterly training to keep their skills sharp and my liability down.
Connie Ribble- Monument Security
As of today, November 18, 2012 I have had the pleasure of participating in two training classes offered by Joe Bertoni.  Joe was asked to create specific training related to defensive tactics, arrest control, and special events for our establishment.  Joe has been able to keep these classes packed with useful and real time training and information.  Unlike traditional training Joe uses the concept of “Feel and Flow” and “Use what is available” while maintaining proper instruction on specific techniques.  This really influences the training because as in real life you can’t plan your response(s) when involved in an altercation.  The training has also given my team an opportunity to build on their trust and comfort with each other as they may not work together on a consistent basis.  Thank You Joe for sharing your expertise and knowledge with me and my team.-
Anthony Galindez l Security Manager, Thunder Valley Resort
I have know Joe for several years and he has done numerous training classes for the Security staff during that time. Joe is very knowledgeable in personal defense, defensive tactics, and Executive Protection just to name a few. Joe’s personality and Instructor abilities make him the right choice for our training needs. It is a pleasure to work with Joe and I would not hesitate to recommend him to any contact in need of his services.-
Duane Ryzner, Vice President of Security Thunder Valley Casino
Mr. Bertoni, I just wanted to thank you for the 4-hour class I attended tonight at your school. Four hours is not a long time…but I believe you did an outstanding job of providing participants, most of whom had no prior experience, with practical, applicable tactics that can be applied in real world situations.  Your ability to connect with your students is evident and, from my position as a student, most appreciated. And, I wish to express my appreciation for the distinction you made between martial arts in general and the types of actions needed in arrest/control/take down situation when faced not only with a resistant subject, but (in the case of myself and my classmates) limits and expectations imposed by employers. Having been in a situation with a particularly reticent and uncooperative subject on one specific occasion, I found my prior martial arts training (I want to make clear that I was never exactly an “accomplished” martial artist, but had developed some basic skills) to be of absolutely no benefit in dealing with the subject. He was not violent enough to warrant an all out attack, but was certainly violent enough to warrant being placed under control…my training in Gosoku-ryu and Jeet Kune Do was not applicable. Your training has provided me with more and better options… Again, thank you for your time, your willingness to teach others so effectively, and your professionalism.-
Melvin H.,